Castle Healthcare Practice - Friends & Family Survey - Results

Extremely Likely 35
Likely 11
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 7
Unlikely 10
Extremely Unlikely 14
Don't Know 1

What you had to tell us

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The surgery have always been really helpful and make you feel welcome. Doesn't matter which doctor I see everyone treats you the same and everyone is there to help you get better. They are always polite and professional and always explain in simple terms what the problem is and how they are going to treat it. Thank you !
- Anonymous on 31/03/2016
Dr Ovenden is a very good Old School practitioner. Very efficientely zeroed in on the cause of the problem.
- Anonymous on 08/03/2016
I know how conscientious all the GPs are
- Anonymous on 04/01/2016
Since moving to your new set-up, it has been made very difficult to use your services. We as patients feel that we have been overlooked all the changes that have been made have not felt as a positive improovemnt. We were assured by practice gps that we would feel the benefits and this was stressed. The phones are a joke, the appointment system is made difficult for the patient to use resulting in stress and nervousness in time of need, the building is exteremly cold. Thank God the staff are lovely but guys you have seriously overlooked the welcome you are very cold in your approach i.e buildings, phonelines, new appointment system, Perscriptions sytem which appears to extremely difficult for you to peform a decent serivce. Get back to basics take a litttle more care and stop treating your patients/users like cattle. Where is the personal touch we all felt which treated us with compassion and value.
- Anonymous on 09/07/2015
- Anonymous on 04/12/2014